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With the help of a grant from the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council, VCDR is building a grass-roots campaign to involve more Vermonters who experience a physical, sensory, psychiatric, developmental or other disability, and their families, in our work. We are also reaching out for new organizational members and other allies, individuals and organizations who share our commitment to protect rights and services that make self-determination and community participation possible for all Vermonters.

In the next several months VCDR’s website and email alerts will offer new ways to learn about and share disability rights news, involve people across the state in disability advocacy, and share the stories and concerns of Vermonters with disabilities. Individuals, families and allies from all over the state are invited to help shape disability advocacy in Vermont. Disability rights needs all of our voices. Look for our new website and story bank in the year ahead and email or write us if you want to join our advocacy alert network. This is a time when your voice — when all of our voices — are needed and can make a difference.