The mission of VCDR is to advance the human and civil rights of people with disabilities to ensure full and equal participation in all aspects of community life and the political process.



Tools for effective advocacy

things you can do to become involved

Establish an Advocacy Network in your area for rapid response to critical issues and events

Communicating with Legislators describes how to reach and effectively get your message across to your Representatives and Senators during the hectic legislative session.

Testify! Of course you can! Consumer and family testimony is an important component of advocacy, but may be daunting for the first-timer. We provide tips and advice about how to testify at public hearings and in legislative committees.

Tell Your Story! Tell us a little about yourself and your advocacy interest or concern. If you are writing about cuts to a program, or protecting a program from cuts, please let us know why this program is important to you. If you are a family member or friend writing on behalf of someone else, please provide similar information on their behalf. Thank you!

Contact VCDR

To Contact VCDR by mail:
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VCDR can be contacted by phone via VCIL at:
Phone: 1-800-639-1522