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The Top 5 Reasons the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Bad for People with Disabilities

ACTION ALERT – Urge Senators to Vote NO on the Tax Bill


On November 16, the House of Representatives passed its version of a tax bill. Now the Senate is finalizing its own version. Both bills are extremely damaging because they:

• Increase the deficit significantly to provide tax cuts that disproportionately benefits the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

• Pave the way for cutting Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income, and other critical programs for people with disabilities in order to pay for the tax cuts later.

But the Senate bill is even worse. It also repeals the “individual mandate” for people to have health care coverage. If this happens, nearly 14 million people will lose health coverage and will it increase premiums for people buying insurance on the health insurance exchange by 10% per year. The individual mandate is a central part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which greatly benefits people with disabilities by eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions, banning annual and lifetime limits, prohibiting discrimination based on health status, and much more.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on its tax bill as soon as Thursday, November 30.

We must stop this very harmful and unpopular legislation NOW.


1) Call your Senators. Call the Capitol Switchboard number 202-224-3121 and tell Senators to Vote NO. Also Join the national call in day on Wednesday, November 29.

2) Attend a Town Hall Meeting.

3) Participate in a Tax Plan Protest Event.


•• I am a member of (organization).
•• Please vote NO on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
•• We cannot afford these tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans and large corporations. The middle class gets very little benefit.
•• Tax reform should not be rushed. People should have time to understand the bill and how they will be affected.

Vermont delegation slams GOP tax proposal

By Elizabeth Hewitt Nov 2 2017November 7, 2017

GOP plan will ultimately raise taxes on 50% of Americans, nonpartisan assessment says

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