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VCDR 2020 Weekly Legislative UPDATE JULY – Legislature Recessed until August


VCDR 2020 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events


Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights


The Legislature finished its preliminary work on Friday June 26th and is recessed for the month of July schedules to come back in late August to complete their business for the remainder of the session before the end of September. Appropriations committees are expected to come back earlier than the end of August.

The Legislature has met remotely for the past fifteen weeks. The majority of their work has been focused on passing a three month Quarter 1 Budget  (July 1 – September 30th) and a number of bills that spend the federal Coronavirus Relief Finds (CRF) that have come to the states to assist state and local government, businesses, state colleges, non-profit providers, and individuals impacted by COVID-19.

There is over one billion dollars in Coronavirus relief funds that have been allocated by the legislature to assist the State of Vermont, business and individuals. There is an additional $250 million (possible) that the legislature has held back for when they come back in August. The money from the federal Government in the CARES Act must be spent by December 30th of 2020.

The Legislature also passed a number of other “policy” bills including: health care regulations; excessive use of force by police, elections, climate change and other. A number of these spending and policy bills are still awaiting the signature of the Governor as they were passed by both the House and Senate on Friday the 26th.

It is the intent of the Legislature to come back in August to receive the latest economic forecast, and the Governor’s proposed remainder of the FY 2021 budget. The Governor had originally proposed an 8% cut in the budget starting with a 2% reduction in the Quarter 1 Budget (Q1). The Legislature based the Q1 on the FY 2020 budget and did not make that reduction in the first three months.

Revenues are expected to be down and it is unclear if there may be additional Federal aid and/or more flexibility on the use of the Coronavirus Relief Funds from the CARES Act that are still available. The Legislature will need to pass a budget before the end of September.



Final COVID-19 Relief Fund – June 26, 2020  – CRF fundin H.961; H.966; H.965; H960; S.350

Additional CRF Funds were allocated in H.953 – An act relating to fiscal year 2020 supplemental budget adjustments


  • 14M Childcare, Family Supports, Vulnerable Populations: Child Care restart & summer camps and after school programs; Parent Child Centers; Reach-Rp, GMSA; VCIL; VABVI; recovery centers; children’s integrated services, new Americans and other
  • 228M in Business and Non-Profit Assistance: recovery grants; farm assistance; help for minority and women–owned business; the arts; local government and other.
  • 85 M in Housing Assistance: housing initiatives; rental assistance; support for the homeless; Legal Aid; foreclosure protection and other
  • 367M in Health Care: healthcare stabilization; hazard pay for essential workers; suicide prevention; warm line peer support and other
  • 21M Food Security: Meals on Wheels; summer meals; Foodbank; restaurant food program and other
  • 50M in Education: education stabilization; local educational agencies; and other
  • 27M in Technology: broadband and other
  • 39 M in the Budget Adjustment (2):  University of Vermont; State Colleges; Emergency Management Systems and other




H.961 – An act relating to making first quarter fiscal year 2021 appropriations for the support of State government, federal Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) appropriations, pay act appropriations, and other fiscal requirements for the first part of the fiscal year – Signed by the Governor June 30th

H.965 – An act relating to health care- and human services-related appropriations from the Coronavirus Relief Fund – Signed by the Governor July 2nd

H.966 – An act relating to COVID-19 funding and assistance for broadband connectivity, housing, and economic relief – Signed by the Governor July 2nd

H.960 – An act relating to miscellaneous health care provisions – Signed by the Governor July 6th

 S.350 – ACT 115 – An act relating to creating emergency economic recovery grants – Signed by the Governor June19

H.953 – ACT 109 – An act relating to fiscal year 2020 supplemental budget adjustments – Signed by the Governor June 9th

S.219 – An act relating to addressing racial bias and excessive use of force by law enforcement As passed by the House and Senate                                                                                                            

S.348 – An act relating to temporary elections procedures in the year 2020 – Allowed to go into law without Governors signature July 2nd



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**NEW** FY 2021 Restatement of the Governor’s Recommended Budget Instructions

**NEW** COVID-19 Relief Fund – House and Senate side-by-side

**NEW** H.965 An act relating to health care- and human services-related appropriations



Submitted by Karen Lafayette, VCDR Coordinator