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VCDR 2020 Weekly Legislative Calendar of Activities – January 14, 2020





VCDR 2020 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events

January 13th – January 17th, 2020

  Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights

VCDR publishes a weekly legislative calendar of events, committee schedules, and floor activities during the 2020 Legislative Session. This is the second year of a two year legislative biennium (2019-2020).

These weekly alerts contain summaries of legislative activities, committee agendas, and House and Senate Calendar items that would be of interest to the disability community. The complete committee schedules will not be found here, but a link has been provided for the complete Legislative Committee pages, Calendars and Journals and the Legislative Website.                                                       

You will find highlights of the week’s Legislative activities for specific committees, public hearing notifications, and calendar activity of interest in this weekly report, as well as a listing and brief explanations of legislation introduced at the end of the committee schedules when available.  

This Committee Schedule is generally published on Monday of each week, but is subject to change throughout the week. Please check the calendar online, on the Vermont Legislative web page for updates.



Wednesday, January 15, is Homelessness Awareness Day & Memorial Vigil at the Vermont State House. Join in and renew the commitment to end homelessness in Vermont and bring awareness to all those in our state without a place to call home.

There will be Joint Hearing with House General and House Appropriations in the House Chamber at 9:00 am on homelessness.

The legislature has promised to take up the Minimum Wage Bills and the Paid Family Leave Bills that got stalled last session, at the beginning of this session.


This is the second week of the 2020 Legislative Session. The governor delivered his State of the State Address last Thursday and you can find the link here: GOVERNOR PHIL SCOTT DELIVERS 2020 STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS





Committees have their own web-pages, where you can find documents and written testimony as well as committee schedules.

House & Senate Committee Assignments:

Make sure when you go to this page you click on “SHOW ALL MEMBERS”





House Calendars & Journals




 Senate Calendars & Journals






As a general rule the House and Senate meet at these times during the session.

Floor Times:

House Senate
Tuesday: 10:00 am 9:30 am
Wednesday: 1:00 pm 1:00 pm
Thursday: 1:00 pm 1:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am 11:30 am




Joint Fiscal has a new legislative page.

You can find the Budget Documents and Fiscal Reports on their site, as well as other information



FY2020 Budget Adjustment Information

Governor’s Proposed FY 2020 Budget Adjustment – Agency of Human Services – All Crosswalks by Adam Greshin, Commissioner, Department of Finance and Management | FY 2020

Governor’s Proposed FY 2020 Budget Adjustment – Dept. of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living
by Monica Caserta Hutt, Commissioner, Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living | FY 2020

Instructions for the FY 2021 Budget:  FY 21 Budget Development Guidelines – Instructions

FY 2020 Budget     FY 2020 Conference Budget Web Report by Joint Fiscal Office | FY 2020

FY 2020 Budget Conference Committee    H.542 – Conference Committee Report



Older Vermonters Act Working Group Report:



    • As tensions cool, state officials say Brattleboro Retreat won’t face imminent closure By Katie Jickling 



Complete Weekly Committee Schedules





**House Appropriations:

House Appropriations will continue to discuss the FY 2020 Budget Adjustment Bill. On Wednesday morning they will hear a 101 presentation on OneCare and have a Q &A on the Budget Adjustment. On Thursday there is an Emergency Board Meeting in the Governor’s Office, and they will receive an overview of the 2020 Revenue Forecast.

**House Commerce and Economic Development:

**House Corrections and Institutions:

On Wednesday, the Committee will hear about “Individuals Entering Woodside – Who Are They, How Did They Get There” from the Commissioner, Department for Children and Families, and from the Secretary of Human Services on the Brattleboro Retreat 12 Bed, Level 1 Capital Project. They will also walk through H.553 – an act related to equal access to corrections programming.

**House Committee on Education:

On Thursday the Committee will hear about Pre-K and Early Education from the Secretary of Education and the Commissioner of Children and Families. On Friday the Committee will take testimony on Early Education again hearing from a number of invited witnesses including the Executive Director, Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators

**House General, Housing, and Military:

**House Government Operations:

**House Health Care:

On Wednesday the Committee will hear about the Green Mountain Care Board’s Analysis of Brattleboro Retreat’s Audited Financial Statements FY15 through FY18 and the Primary Care Workforce Shortage Solutions. On Thursday and Friday morning they will hold a Joint committee with Senate Health and Welfare in Room 11 to hear about OneCare.

**House Human Services:

On Tuesday morning the Committee will hear about the Governor’s FY2020 Proposed Budget Adjustment from the commissioner of the Department for Children and Families and in the afternoon they will hear an overview of the current state and proposed redesign of Developmental Services hearing from the Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living, Champlain Community Services, the Director of the Vermont Development Disabilities Council and Green Mountain Self Advocates.

**House Judiciary:

**House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife:   

**House Transportation:

**House Ways and Means:



**Senate Appropriations:

The Committee will take up the Budget Adjustment all week.

**Senate Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs:

On Tuesday the Committee will take up S. 23 – An act relating to increasing the minimum wage and discuss the Remote Worker and Relocated Worker Program.

On Thursday they will take up S. 257 – An act relating to improving rental housing health and safety and S. 237 – An act relating to promoting affordable housing S.237

**Senate Education:

On Wednesday afternoon the committee will review, mark –up, and vote on a draft of a bill entitled: An act relating to State Advisory Panel on Special Education. The will also take up another draft bill entitled: An act relating to universal access to afterschool programs.

**Senate Finance:

**Senate Government Operations:

**Senate Health and Welfare:

On Wednesday morning the Committee will hear about the Vermont All Payer Program from insurers, the Agency of Human Services the Department of Health Care Access sand others and the Primary Care Workforce Shortage Solutions.

On Thursday the Committee will hold a Joint meeting with House Committee on Health Care in Room 11 to hear about OneCare Vermont and the Rural Health Services Task Force.

**Senate Institutions:

**Senate Judiciary:

On Tuesday morning the committee will take up   S. 183 – An act relating to competency to stand trial and insanity as a defense S.183

**Senate Natural Resources

**Senate Transportation:



A guide to House and Senate Committee pages:


Below is a link to the VT State legislative Page. If you click on the Committees page – you can go to any of the House or Senate Committees page and look up a number of items.

VT State Legislative Page:

Using House Human Services as an example:

You can find the Agenda (the weekly schedule) on each Page: Agenda

You can look up testimony, witnesses, bills in committee, reports to the committee, and any other submitted documents




VCDR publishes a weekly list of bills introduced this session of interest to the disability community when available with a short summary of each courtesy of Disability Rights Vermont.

A full listing of bills of interest can be found at



You can listen on VPR:

Listen to House and Senate activity when they are in session

VCDR – **Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights**

Information may also be found on the VCDR Website:

The VCDR Website is being revised but is still online.

Some pages are still under construction.



Submitted by Karen Lafayette, VCDR Coordinator