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VCDR 2019 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events MAY 20





VCDR 2019 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events


May 20 – May 24  

Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights




The Legislature intends to adjourn this week. The Budget Conference Committee agreed yesterday on the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget appropriations and policy. They will review the final version today and it will then go to both the House and the Senate for approval. Once that is done the Legislature will adjourn for the year.

The Senate came back on Tuesday to work on clearing their calendar and the full House returns today Wednesday as they move towards adjournment.

Committees of Conference on all other bills are working out any differences in their legislation, but will need to finish today or tomorrow so that the final bills can be approved in the House and Senate before the session ends.

The Revenue bill (H.521), the Minimum Wage bill, (S.23) and the Paid Family and Medical Leave (H.107) bills are yet to be finalized. (Both the House and the Senate have made significant changes to each other’s’ legislation)

A final legislative report on the budget and policy legislation passed this session will be posted at a later date.




Joint Fiscal has a new legislative page. You can find the Budget Documents and Fiscal Reports on their site, as well as other information. VCDR will post the final FY 2020 Budget information as it becomes available.

Joint Fiscal FY2020 Budget Page – The Best link for the  most up to date information on the Budget:

 This is what has been published to date:

Committee of Conference Meeting Schedule

Committees of Conferences Appointed

Budget Conference Differences as of May 21

FY 2020 Budget as passed by the Senate–%20As%20Passed%20By%20Senate~5-10-2019.pdf

Senate FY20 Budget Summary (State Funds)

FY 2020 Big Bill Senate Web Report




 You can track legislation on the Legislative web page.


A full listing of bills of interest can be found at