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Weekly Legislative Calendar

VCDR 2018 Weekly Summary of Legislative Activities, Committee Agendas and Calendar of Events

February 13 – February 16

Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights

VCDR will publish a weekly legislative calendar of events, committee schedules, and floor activities during the 2018 Legislative Session. This is the second year of the two year legislative biennium.

These weekly alerts will contain summaries of legislative activities, committee agendas, and House and Senate Calendar items that would be of interest to the disability community. The complete committee schedules will not be found here, but a link has been provided for the complete Legislative Committee agendas, the Legislative Calendar and Journal Page, and the Legislative Web-Site.

You will find highlights of the week’s Legislative activities for specific committees, public hearing notifications, and calendar activity of interest in this weekly report, as well as a listing and brief explanations of legislation introduced at the end of the committee schedules when available.

This Committee Schedule is generally published on Monday of each week, but is subject to change throughout the week. Please check the calendar online, on the Vermont Legislative web page for updates.



Committees have their own web-pages, where you can find documents and written testimony as well as committee schedules.

House & Senate Committee Assignments:

Make sure when you go to this page you click on “SHOW ALL MEMBERS”

Complete Weekly Committee Schedule House and Senate:



** Calendars and Journals **

House Calendars:

House Journals:

 Senate Calendars:

Senate Journals:


As a general rule the House and Senate meet at these times during the session:

Floor Times:

  House           Senate
Tuesday: 10:00 am 9:30 am
Wednesday: 1:00 pm 1:00 pm
Thursday: 1:00 pm 1:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am 11:30 am



You can listen on VPR:

Listen to House and Senate activity when they are in session

     VCDR – **Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights**

Information may also be found on the VCDR Website:

The VCDR Website is now online. Some pages are still under construction.

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***Joint Fiscal Page ***

The FY 2019 Budget documents and Department and Administration testimony can be found on the Joint Fiscal Page. Below are links to his speech as well as the first documents from testimony in House Appropriations.


Budget Program Analysis – Explains the “rationale” for the Human Services Cuts:’s%20Proposed%20FY2019%20Budget/W~Monica%20Hutt~FY19%20Budget%20Program%20Analysis~2-7-2018.pdf

DAIL Budget Testimony Narrative

DAIL Detailed Budget Spreadsheet Report

AHS Departmental Budgets

Agency of Human Services Budget Ups and Downs

AHS Budget Slide Presentation Ups & Downs


 Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Day




**NEW – Finance commissioner says education funding proposal falls short By Tiffany Danitz Pache VT Digger

State proposes to cut health benefit

By Mike Faher     Feb 4 2018,

Special education students could be better served for less, studies say By Tiffany Danitz Pache Feb 4 2018 February 5, 2018

***Committee Highlights***


The House Appropriations Committee will take up the Governor’s proposed FY 2019 Budget 18-0457 – An act relating to making appropriations for the support of government all week.

  • Monday Evening – Public Hearings around State
  • Tuesday 6:00 Pm – Public Hearing FY 2019 Budget – Room 11


  • Wednesday 2:30 PM Non- Human Services Advocate Testimony
  • Thursday 3:15 PM – Human Services Budget Testimony – Advocates
  • Friday – 8:30 AM Review Policy Committee Responses to Budget


Wednesday morning the House Committee Corrections and Institutions will discuss H.697 – An act relating to notification of public building accessibility and on Wednesday the Committee will have a discussion about Mental Health and Addiction Recovery with members of Vermont Association for Mental Health & Addiction Recovery.


The House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development

The Committee will discuss and take testimony on the Appropriations Budget Review Request most days this week in addition to marking up and voting out  H. 731 – An act relating to the classification of employees


The House Committee on Education will take up Special Education on Wednesday (See latest Draft below) and Pre-Kindergarten Education. On Tuesdays through Thursday the will also take up a draft bill entitled: 18-0693 – An act relating to enhancing the effectiveness, availability, and equity of services provided to students who struggle.

Current Draft on Special Education – Draft Request 18-0693, Draft No. 8.1, 2-12-2018 House Education/Committee bill – Special Education (DRAFT 8.1),%20Draft%20No.%208.1,%202-12-2018~2-13-2018.pdf

Special Education Funding Proposal – AOE Response


The House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs will take up H. 412 – An act relating to establishing a homeless bill of rights and prohibiting discrimination against people without homes on Wednesday morning and 18-0849 – An act relating to improving rental housing safety and Rental Subsidies in the afternoon.


The House Committee on Health Care Committee will hear about the Governor’s proposed budget from the Dept. of Health on Tuesday morning and take testimony on Suicide Prevention in the Afternoon. On Thursday morning they will have a discussion Mental Health taking testimony from Washington County Mental Health.


The House Committee on Human Services will discuss the Governor’s FY 2019 Budget (Human Services sections) most of the week and draft a memo to the Appropriations Committee by Thursday.


The Senate Appropriations Committee will take up S. 40 – An act relating to increasing the minimum wage on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday will hear from the Commissioner of the Dept. of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living on the Governor ‘proposed FY 2019 Budget – 18-0457 – An act relating to making appropriations for the support of government in the afternoon as well. On Thursday they will take testimony from the Dept. of Children and Families on the Governor’s Budget proposal


The Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs will once again take up  S. 177 – An act relating to lowering the rate of increase for mobile home lot rents on Wednesday morning and on Thursday they will discuss  S. 265 – An act relating to workforce development, hearing from the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.


The Senate Committee on Education will take up S. 229 – An act relating to State Board of Education approval of independent schools and Pre-Kindergarten on Tuesday afternoon and again take up Pre-Kindergarten on Wednesday afternoon.


On Friday the Senate Committee on Government Operations took up S. 162 – An act relating to services for individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or DeafBlind and took up a strike all amendment to the bill as introduced. The changes are included in the 1.1 Draft below.

S.162: Draft No. 1.1, 2-8-2018:,%202-8-2018~2-9-2018.pdf


The Senate Health and Welfare Committee will take up S. 261 – An act relating to mitigating trauma and toxic stress during childhood by strengthening child and family resilience and Suicide Prevention Awareness on Tuesday morning and S. 53 – An act relating to a universal, publicly financed primary care system and S.261 again on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. On Thursday the Committee will take up S. 282 – An act relating to health care providers participating in Vermont’s Medicaid program.


***Upcoming Events***

Vermont Low Income Advocacy Day at the LEGISLATURE, Friday, February 23

Disability Awareness Day at the LEGISLATURE,

WEDNESDAY, Febrruary 28th




Submitted by Karen Lafayette